Indians love their food. They live to eat. But it is the food-tech unicorn A Food Delivery App that revolutionized the way Indians perceived their food. Bringing food to the doorsteps, easing out ‘where to dine’ worries with the bonus of superb discounts and excellent ‘Live’ tracking features, A Food Delivery App turned the food into a business, a profitable one at that.

A Food Delivery App BUSINESS MODEL

A Food Delivery App is an Indian food delivery startup which provides a search app. that have detailed information for restaurants. It helps consumers globally to discover , rate and review restaurants as well as create their own personal network of foodies for trusted recommendations.


app is very easy to use and user friendly. you just have to take a look at nearby restaurants and recommendations or you can even search the type of food you like on the search bar . select the quantities you want, some offers also available there and set your delivery location and click order . order confirmation will be confirmed through call or SMS   and you can even contact A Food Delivery App delivery person. Some delivery charges will also include if your location is a little far.


A Food Delivery App’s target audience includes people between 18 to 35 years of age who have access to smartphones and are comfortable in using apps. It targets two kinds of customers: The first group includes people who want to order their food home and the second group includes people who prefer to dine out. IN Lot of cases, these groups overlap. It offers food delivery to those who need it delivered as well as gives incentives to people to dine out through its A Food Delivery App Gold program.

Working professionals who need food in their offices, students who need food in their hostels, people who do not have time or space to cook for themselves, and people who occasionally like to eat outside food- all form a part of A Food Delivery App’s target audience.


The most significant challenge they faced was to find a way to cover all the areas in all the cities so that they will not miss a single finest restaurant and people should have all menu option of finest restaurants.

Features Of A Food Delivery App

Live food tracking

Registration And Creating A Profile

Search And Find Food Easily

Checking The Restaurant Profile

Add The Food To Cart

Schedule the Orders

Delivery Person’s Contact Info

Order History

Multiple payment options: 

Reward your loyal customers

Push notifications

Food Customization

Managing the address book

Cumulative bonus

Rating And Reviewing The Food


A Food Delivery App’s digital marketing strategy is not only successful but also paves the way for other startups. While doing A Food Delivery App case study, we found that, It proves that digital marketing can contribute to a brand’s success and make it a unique name to reckon with. The company spends a fraction of traditional marketing budget on digital marketing and manages to resonate with billions of people out there.


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