How to create a mobile app like cab booking?

Every aspiring business should know what it needs before developing a mobile app like cab booking

Taxi service was once a luxury, cab booking made it a necessity by making it affordable. cab booking Not only affected traditional taxi services but, it also affected the way people do their business.

Now days, “cab booking’s on-demand service model” can be applied to almost all industries and their targets. It is not an exaggeration to say that the demand for on-demand solutions is increasing with each passing day. People adapt their power of imagination and conceptualize quite unpredictable space with on-demand solutions.

cab booking Taxi began its interruption with an iOS app. Initially, the cab booking app for riders could only book rides for customers. Over time, cab booking offered luxury cab services with the launch of cab booking Black. cab booking Black allowed the user to choose a ride to their liking from a wide range of luxury cars. However, it only managed to please the upper class and cab booking had the means to woo all sections of society.

cab booking promised to charge what was right and became a default cab moving service for most people. But cab booking had more plans for the riders to enhance the customer experience through the cab booking app and it came in the form of cab booking Pool.

After figuring out all the ways to make its customers happy, it plans to take a leap into the sky with the cab booking Copter! An cab booking-like app is in great demand nowadays.

Is this growth in the cab booking clone business so obvious?

The basis of an on-demand business model is demand growth and supply planning to meet demand. However, the right approach is to plan for the development of the app like the cab booking

  • Dive into the industry with a primitive approach.
  • Create a sustainable model to meet demand as a mobile app for service providers and customers.
  • Meet this demand of customers with distributed supply chain management.
  • Retention of clients.

But Do cab booking Taxi is different from other taxi services? Like the app cab booking, development should be popular for a reason. Here’s the secret: cab booking’s thoughtful features!

Not many know that cab booking mobile app  has 3 major account catagories 

  • The admin app
  • The cab booking rider app
  • The cab booking driver app

Each stakeholder has its own set of characteristics. For your ease of understanding each of these features, I have looked at the features in different categories:

  • Most viable feature
  • Advance feature


Track a Ride

cab booking Cab offers its passenger the option to track a track once they have booked their ride. What happens is, after the rider enters the pickup and drop location, the driver accepts the ride request via their cab booking app and arrives at the pickup location. To find out how far the driver is from the location, passengers can track them using integrated maps in the cab booking app for riders. cab booking like Apps is perfect for travel monitoring and makes for a unique value proposition.

Fare Estimation

Passengers are able to estimate the fare for their ride based on their pickup and drop location.

The fare also varies according to the car’s selection for the ride. When the passenger stops at several locations between their pickup and drop location, it is calculated at the end of the ride with the help of powerful cab booking algorithms. Therefore, like app development, this feature needs attention.

Multiple Modes of Payment

In order to make the taxi-hailing ecosystem user-friendly for customers, cab booking offers multiple modes of payment to select payment. In the cab booking app for riders, passengers can choose any type of payment, e.g. Credit cards, debit cards, cash, mobile wallets, etc., which offer a wide range of payment gateways, are key to an effective UI like apps.

Track Service History

For commuters traveling on a daily basis, cab booking has a facility called Track Service History. With the help of service history, passengers can get details about their ride in a specific period. Passengers can see any date and the entire service history details will be available to them in the form of a report in cab booking for the rider. Therefore, app development like cab booking should focus on tracking service history.

Book Now Ride later

Book Now Ride is later an advanced feature of cab booking. This allows passengers to schedule their ride before the actual ride time. Once done, passengers receive confirmation. Passengers get the driver’s details an hour before their scheduled ride and can track the ride.

Panic Button

To ensure the safety of passengers, cab booking has taken measures in the form of panic buttons. A panic button is enabled in the cab booking app for riders as soon as the passenger is on-board. cab booking clones must have such safety and security features. If you are wondering how to build an app like cab booking, remember that security is a big concern for cab passengers these days.

Favorite Destinations

Preferred Destination is an advanced feature for the cab booking Rider app. When passengers have to travel to the same destinations day in and day out, they can enter the destinations for a one-time and select it using a single tap through the cab booking app. Travelers can save the destination for their home, office, restaurant etc. using the cab booking app.

Features of the cab booking App for Drivers

Driver Delivery Reports

To ensure the safety of drivers as well as passengers, cab booking has a delivery report facility for drivers. The report is a summary of the driver’s driving style during the entire week, month, etc. If the driver has continued driving, cab booking can remove the driver from service, all thanks to the cab booking cab app. On the other hand, if a driver drives smoothly, he becomes a trainer for novice cab booking drivers. An app like cab booking should also have such features.

Route optimization:

Route optimization helps drivers take the most efficient route so that they can reach the destination in the fastest time. The driver can take advantage of the route optimization feature, redo the entire journey and navigate the path efficiently using the cab booking Taxi app.

Driver Destinations:

cab booking is an advanced feature for driver destination drivers. The driver can choose to take a ride to their preferred destination. This feature can be used by the vehicle drivers when they want to make money and reach their destination through the cab booking cab app.

Quest earnings:

Earning Quest at cab booking is a specialty for drivers. This helps the driver earn extra money. The quest comes with a pre-defined number of rides that drivers must complete in order to win and earn an additional amount.

Shorter 2 Minute Cancellation Window:

The cancellation window is the time the driver has to wait for the passenger. This is an advanced feature in the app for cab booking drivers. When the driver arrives at the location on time, the first 2 minutes are non-chargeable for passengers. However, if they take too long, the charge starts and passengers have to pay for that extra time, along with the base fair of the ride.

Heat Maps

Heat maps ‘cab booking like’ app has advanced feature. It is like a cheat sheet for drivers. The heat map is basically a map view of demand. Drivers can find out where the ratio of passengers is high and can go to that place to get requests from passengers easily.

Forward Dispatch

Forward Dispatch is an advanced feature of the cab booking app for drivers. This allows drivers to accept the request for another ride while they are still completing their current ride. This helps them to cut down on ideal time and earn some extra bucks.

cab booking app model can be used in some different niches also

  1. Health care
  2. Cosmetics and saloons
  3. Mechanic
  4. Transportation
  5. Food delivery 

Strategy of building the features in cab booking like app:

Developing an cab booking-like app is a long-term commitment. You need to stay on your toes from the moment you start conceptualizing the idea until the beta releases the beta version of the app. Your development plan is already an easy way to develop an app like cab booking. An cab booking-like app development process should have all the features and consider all challenges.

Allow me to help you plan features to create an app similar to cab booking:

Basically, there are three categories to start your development. The basic version of an app like cab booking may include the most feasible features for all three stakeholders – administrator, driver and passenger. cab booking clone apps have to include these features.

The improved version of the application includes the most advanced features for all stakeholders. However, this version can be launched as soon as it gets its hands on the market. The third version of the application includes all the basic features of the app ‘like cab booking’ for all stakeholders and some advanced features. Now, it’s up to you how you want to go with your mobile app like ‘cab booking.

What should you keep in mind for Building an cab booking like App

The ideal way to create an app like cab booking is to create an original version of the cab booking cab app and study the market carefully. Creating an cab booking clone requires careful planning. Know what the potential innovations can be for the driver and passenger’s app. Once this is clear, you can proceed with advanced features. cab booking customer applications should consider the journey from a consumer’s point of view.

In addition, you should always try to attract and retain both drivers and customers for a smooth functioning. For the best cab booking clone, you need to work on features and functionalities. While there are many who claim to be industry leaders in the app development market, not everyone has had hands-on experience with on-demand solutions.The key is to research well for your app such as cab booking to ensure that your business is in safe hands. App development such as cab booking involves paying attention to these factors.

In addition, there are other important elements to keep in mind when creating an app like cab booking or cab booking Taxi App Clone:

  • Graphical User Interface is user friendly
  • Attractive UI/UX designs
  • More responsives of UI

The following is the best way to plan to develop an app like cab booking:

  1. Your USP should be your first concern. After all, it is about to separate your voice from noise. Ask yourself why you want to make an cab booking-like app. What difference are you going to make with it and then proceed with its development.
  2. As mentioned earlier, your features are going to be the voice of your brand. This is going to resonate with your end users. Considering the importance of user-friendly features, plan to release your first app with the most feasible features and then grow your business in later stages.
  3. Demography plays an important role in the launch of business. Know which demographic you are targeting. Promote your app to those users and get feedback. Execute the feedback provided and come up with the innovation next time.

What could be the potential revenue model for creating an cab booking-like app?

cab booking has not found any fleet of cars. It only got drivers and passengers to make their revenue.

Potential revenue streams for your app like ber cab booking can be:

  • Driver gets a commission for there work
  • Ride fare from customers
  • Cancellation charges from customers

Cost for developing a mobile app like cab booking:

It is obvious for the businessman to focus on ROI. And to find out the expected turnover, you need to know the required investment. To reduce this, let’s find out what the cost of building a mobile application like cab booking can be:

Effect of Features:

Basically, there are three possibilities with which you can develop your cab booking like an app.

You can go with either the most feasible features, advanced features, or the right mix of both basic and some advanced features

Effect of operating system:

It is a known fact that the iOS app puts a bigger hole in your pocket than the Android app. However, it is up to your target audience and their preference of the device to select the operating system. Chances are, your target audience may have the same proportion and you may have to launch an app for both platforms. cab booking app Android development or iOS is largely a matter of customer preference.

Effect of technology:

While it will be expensive to code your app in Kotlin but trendy, it is up to you to find out the needs of your app development. Similarly, you have to make a better choice with native and hybrid app development. If you are not technically strong, you can seek help from your developers. App development such as cab booking involves using the latest tools and technologies.

Effect of resources:

If you already have a team of hard-headed developers and are thinking to outsource them, then you need to be very careful in your selection process. For case studies and experience see. Compare the cost of app development and then decide. While different app development companies have their own variables, there is considerable ambiguity in the cost of developing an app like mobile app cab booking.

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