Olins is an online institute system app which is built keeping in mind the problem faced by the education institutes and providing them the solutions which not only reduces the time consumption but also increases the scalability of the Business. It provides them a platform to increase their presence and create more services to different regions.

It comes in various languages and user experience is also very easy to understand so that even a child can easily operate it. It has features of Live classes videos or with chat so that students can resolve their concerns with the help of this app facility. This application brings all students on a single platform to not only access the classes to resolve their concerns but also the study material as well.

Is there really a need for an Online app for students?

There’s a large number of Indians youth that live in a remote area with no good coaching classes in their locality, or cannot afford coaching classes from good institutes due to the extravagant fees.Online classes allow the sharing of expertise that helps more people have access to education that is not readily available in certain geographic locations.


This type of education has grown day by day and has experienced mainstream acceptance. With online classes, you get to control your learning environment, which ultimately helps you develop a deeper understanding of your degree courses.


What exactly One Can want in his mobile app?

Those who want to develop this app look for a mobile app development company who could build an iOS app for their e-Learning business. They needed an app which could be easily used by students to book trainers for language learning courses and download their courses and appear for tests.Olins education team would upload courses and prepare test material. A student can then appear in various tests and check their performance based on the ranking amongst all the students taking the test.


What approach was taken by TranciscoLabs for this particular mobile app development?


A team of Dedicated and Experienced developers

Since the project scope was broad, we assigned an experienced Full stack developer to the task. At TranciscoLabs, we also provide dedicated developers of PHP, Java and Node.js. It took almost a year since we had to simultaneously develop an Android application. A team of 7 persons which includes Two project managers, one designer, two front-end developers and two backend developers made this project a success.


Our Additional Insights- Logo Designing

We focused on the need and scope of the project and realised that to target a competitive market, our focus should not be just on the application, but on building a brand. Brainstorming was done by a team to create some attractive design and finally turn it into a pixel perfect brand logo of “Olins”. 


Development Model

If you’re looking to grow your business, there are certain things to keep in mind before developing an application. The approach that was used for Olins App development was the waterfall model. It took a team of 7 of our employees in the development of this app. The overall requirements were understood by the sales team initially, and were then provided to the design team. After all the layouts had been created, it was the task of the developers to implement it.



We wanted to build an intuitive UI and an easy-to-go User Experience. We built low-fidelity wireframes and developed a flow. After the analysis of the flow was given a green flag by the client, we built high fidelity wireframes using tools like Adobe XD, Illustrator and delivered a flow prototype in Invision.

Main Challenges Faced During this App Development


Our team of mobile app developers faced the following challenges during the project development phase:

  • It was important that the e-learning app had a great user interface as this app would be used mainly by students and trainers.
  • In addition to the Android app it is important to develop a web interface to administer the app from the backend.

Key Features Of The Olins App


Our highly experienced team added the following features in this e-Learning app:


  • Easy Login and OTP verification with the mobile number
  • Homepage for the students which includes the challenge jone and tests
  • We developed an app along with a web-based interface
  • Using this app the students can search for various courses based on parameters such as language, teachers, etc.
  • Using this app the students can enroll themselves for various language learning courses, select the required course, and book an appointment
  • The students can also pay for their courses through the payment gateway provided in the app
  • Students and trainers can have a one-to-one lecture session through video chat
  • If a student misses a class, the payment made can be automatically reversed
  • Gradually if the students are graded proficient in a particular subject, they can become trainers and open their own training classes

Android –

  • IDE – Android Studio
  • Build System – Gradle
  • UI Designing – XML, Material design standards
  • Web Services Calling – AQuery
  • Image and Data Caching – AQuery
  • Programming Language- Java
  • Push Notifications – Firebase Cloud Messaging


  • Programming Language – PHP
  • Database – MySQL
  • IDE – SubLine

Why Choose TranciscoLabs for Mobile App Development Services?

TranciscoLabs has been giving shape to innovative app ideas for over a decade now. Our highly skilled team of mobile app developers is proficient in developing apps on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

If you have any such app ideas which you think are the need of the society, then feel free to share the idea with us, and we will help you build it!

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