Android 11 Features That Will Impact Your Mobile Application

Android plays an important role in mobile application development.Latest Android 11 features will impact your phones and tablets, including Samsung\’s Galaxy series, Google Pixel devices, OnePlus phones, and many more.

With every new update in android, it is not just the Android app developers who get excited.The app owners – also sit on the edge of their seats every time around the first week of June when a new version is announced at the Google I/O events.  

Let us look into the android features that have been introduced with the Android 11 highlights-

One-Time Permission

If you look back at Android 10 features, one of the things about it was how app permissions were handled. The Android 10 version gave the users a lot more control over the applications and what they could access. Android 11 keeps the ball rolling.

Now, when the app asks for permission to use complex features, the users can grant access on a one-time basis. The app will use the permission when you use the application. And the moment you quit the app, the permission will be reversed.

Adjustment on Different Screen Types

On the off chance that there is one space where we can say that true advancements have occurred in the Android ecosystem, it is regarding foldable phones.2020 is going to observe a new addition in the foldable smartphone market – all running at various screen sizes and resolutions. 

The Operating System 11 has been created to run on the foldable phones easily. Subsequently promoting an opportunity to begin taking a shot at foldable smartphones application development .

Preparations for 5G Technology

5G technology started making news by the second half of the last year and what has gone off in 2020, with coronavirus diseases affecting a number of industries and technologies sector, the need for 5G technology adoption has only grown in the world. 

To help the smooth processing, Android 11 feature has added a very important \”Dynamic Meterdness API”. One that would allow smartphones to take the complete advantage set that 5G technology brings. 

Once the API detects that you are connected to unlimited 5G technology, you will be able to access the highest possible graphics,video quality and other difficulties that come enhanced with the 5G technology. 

Built-in Screen Recorder

Since the past few releases about android features, the Android users have been waiting for Google to incorporate a built-in screen recorder. Although the chances anyone would need it on an everyday basis is very few but the function is pretty basic, so the wait for it to get integrated was annoying. 

Android 11 feature update will change this. Developer Preview showed a screen recorder which was accompanied by an extremely polished UI and toggle for recording the audio and showing the touches in the recording.

Multiple Improvements for Messaging

Going by the Android latest features, a lot is being done to improve the users’ messaging experience on Android. Here are the upgrades that have been introduced in android 11 :

1.Chat bubbles – Android 11 chat bubbles hide all the active conversations in little bubbles on the side of the screen. You can easily move the bubbles around and tap them to reveal the specific conversations.

 2.To make the process of getting real-time messages, Android 11 version has introduced a specific conversation section in the notification section, offering instant access to all the active conversations you are having. 

3.With the Android 11 version concept it will now be possible to send images when replying to a message from notifications.  

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