Leaving Impressions: Understanding Visitor Behavior in Web Development

Mostly online businesses require a good website. A website can be built for the company by experienced web designers. Here are some basic website design statistics that you should know about:


1.About 40% of small businesses will spend money on website creation.Large companies spend more money in comparison to small companies on large website creation. And the average time in designing such a large website is 2 months.


2.Adobe conducted a worldwide study and found that given 15 minutes, 59% of all people would read and browse through a beautifully designed website instead of a website that is simple and not attractive. Most visitors will prefer an attractive design over a simple design.


3.It takes only 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an opinion about a particular website. Hence if the website does not have attractive design and layout, people will simply leave the website.


  1. 84% of respondents to a survey think that design inspired businesses are outperforming their competition. And 73% of companies surveyed are investing heavily in design to stay ahead of the competition.


5.Of all the visitors to the homepage of your website, most of them want information about products or services, some expect to have the contact information and the rest of them want to know about the nature of your business. These figures should be kept in mind and evaluated for what they signify when the website is designed by a web designing company.


6.Also most visitors click on the business logo on other websites to reach your website. Hence, it is common practice to place the logo at the top left-hand corner of the home website.


7.The average time it takes to load a mobile web page is 15 seconds. This time is of utmost importance to web design companies as 53% of mobile visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Mobile traffic is responsible for about 50% of web traffic and web design companies in India should take cognizance of the loading time to minimize it.


  1. Reasons for visitors to leave a website include images not loading, the page takes long to load, page content is too long, and content is visually not attractive.


According to above facts, it is essential to have a good web development company in Gurgaon like TranciscoLabs that checks all the right boxes when it comes to website design and development in Gurgaon. 


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