Important Web Design Tricks for Exponential Business Growth

Mostly business websites are offering the same services. Question arises what follows after going through these websites or of which website to stick with. The appropriate answer generally rooted for is the website that provides the client with an improved experience. The growth of any online business is a herculean task – with development plans, marketing strategies and product creation. All these tasks need consideration; in any case, an online presence is exceptionally effective for the exponential development of business.

For a website to bring you multiple benefits in terms of business expansion and profit maximization should have some important characters – easy navigation,responsive website,design tricks,generate greater revenue, and trustworthiness.


In this blog, we will restrict our focus on how to achieve trustworthiness via website design. Smart and strong website design tricks can serve the purpose with ease. The website design company should keep in mind that a straightforward and easy-to-navigate website creates a positive impact on the customers.Great testimonials, the level of transparency and good products are integral to building repeat customers.


Some smart best website design tips to grow your online business faster than ever are:


Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is an effective scrolling technique used in website design where background images throughout a website page move slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth on a two-dimensional site.


Digital experiences have changed our life in a remarkably positive way. However, it also produced some negative impacts as well. Most of the heavy internet users are too lazy to scroll pages or even click a button.


Modern web design services now include ‘Parallax Scrolling’. The uneven-like scrolling feature is the right answer to consumers’ general laziness while engaging them with visual appeal. The users, with a single swipe, can devour all information provided on your website while making their way to the bottom of the page.


Video Landing Page


Today’s 85% of internet users are known to watch videos online on a weekly basis. Videos now act as a very powerful way of spreading information about a brand or business. 


Instead, create a unique video landing page to take your website design to a new high. There are two ways to create a video landing page – make a video that auto-plays on your website landing page or targets the video via a direct call-to-action step on a specific webpage.


Video incorporation on your website is also known to help generate leads. It is important that these videos are visible on all devices from smartphones to laptops, desktops and tablets.


Animated Call to Action


Calls to action plays an important role in website design. A lot of times consumers don’t know exactly what to do unless they have been explicitly told. This is where a call to action can help. In some cases, Call to Action may put too much pressure on visitors to book or buy before they understand their options. While a call to action is usually considered best practice, it may be better to use the space to inform customers and compel them to scroll to get the most benefit. Most internet users now are used to scrolling, but the placement of an animated arrow or ‘scroll down’ button will inform all users that there is more below the fold and is often enough to convince consumers to take further action.


However, when you design a website by TranciscoLabs, explaining what to do won’t be enough to have the desired result. They will easily get information and encouragement from the web; so, you need little more to make your website stand out from others.

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