Steps Of Developing a Doctor Booking App

Developing an on-demand doctor appointment and booking App is not the only thing. You need to follow many other steps to ensure that your doctor patient appointment and booking App is successful.Let\’s have a look at the various stages of the Doctor App development process.

App Concept

First of all, you must be completely clear of all the requirements of your on-demand application. Aside from that you ought to likewise know what your plan of action is? You ought to have a clear idea regarding your targeted audience. It\’s advisable to do broad audience research once you zero down on your underlying idea. You can likewise utilize the audience research to approve your idea. A while later, you can come up with different prototypes with minor adjustments of a similar idea.

Business analysis

When you zero down on your application idea, you would then be able to hire a team of equipped business experts that can build the wireframes and outlines for various use cases of your on demand appointment software.

App designing

The next step is app designing. Here your main focus ought to be on making the design simple and engaging. For a better UX, you can simply reduce the steps which are required to complete an appointment. 

Application Development 

The next stage is application development. For this you must have a sound comprehension of PlayStore and AppStore guidelines. You additionally need to recruit a team of developers. During the hiring process, you should hire candidates that have comparative portfolios and experience of comparative applications. Your main target ought to be to guarantee that every one of your developers team have the expertise of the required technology stack.

Quality confirmation 

When the application is developed, it must go through a lot of thorough tests and quality confirmation processes. These tests guarantee that the on-demand applications are fit for ideal execution. You likewise need to guarantee that the application goes through rigorous speed testing, unit testing, integration testing, security testing, load testing, and regression testing.

App launching

You must ensure that the launch of your doctor appointment and booking application is a big success. And for that you have to begin with a campaign that runs all along the development process. To make the event success, you can engage with the industry leaders and market researchers. Reaching out to targeted audiences via various channels is also an effective way to make your application launch a huge and  successful event.

How much does it cost in developing a doctor appointment app?

The cost required for developing your doctor appointment app depends on several factors such as:

  • Complexity of application
  • Number of hours
  • Hourly rates
  • Contract type
  • Number of platforms
  • Technology stack

According to our estimation, it takes around 300-400 hours to build the frontend of an MVP for each platform. Similarly, it takes around 50-60 hours for the UI. And the backend takes around 200-250 hours.

If we take the average hourly rate as $35 then the total cost for developing a doctor appointment app will be around $20,000.


The medical application for doctor appointment is the new “Uber” for both patients as well as the doctors. Its increasing popularity attracts many people including doctors, patients, medical institutions, and entrepreneurs.

In this blog, we have covered all key aspects on how to build a doctor appointment app. We listed all the must have steps for your doctor appointment app.

At last we also mentioned the estimated cost to develop a doctor appointment app.I hope you liked this blog. For more such insightful blogs, keep reading this space.

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